About Us

Our upward arrow – signifies our trajectory

KwaVuko Communications and Marketing is a vibrant, engaging and wholly Black-African female owned entity founded by Margaret Mothibi, an experienced broadcast journalist and print freelancer. KwaVuko’s quest of “bolstering the information and knowledge revolution,” attests to its full commitment towards making content the new currency.

We believe that South Africa’s knowledge economy trajectory’s balancing act is in the building blocks of content and in harnessing an information paradigm.


Ours is at all times to embrace the transmission of information and knowledge in traditional and in exploiting current day technological advances. Despite being a new entrant, we have bravely taken new media to the fringes of society by embracing the rural poor and ensuring that the previously disenfranchised enjoy the good in online-marketing and guiding cooperatives and rural entrepreneurs in content management. Innovative ICT solutions with a slant of developmental communications in its platforms and in consultations, is at the apex of the solutions we provide and manner of approach.


Our glittering skills-set in public sector communications, corporate, print and broadcast media shines through in our tailor-made communication strategies, plans and content. Flexibility; we highly at ease with any task – outside broadcast (Obs), campaigns, events, public mobilisation, facilitation/coordination, freelancing, etc.


Lead in transmitting knowledge and information through innovative solutions in all facets of our engagements.


Endear ourselves as a trusted media enterprise capacitated with the requisite human capital that shall ensure client satisfaction through utmost professionalism.


Diligence, Passion and Sacrifice


Margaret Mothibi – Managing Director

Founder of KwaVuko Communications and Marketing and journalism graduate who continues to ply her trade with absolute passion. KwaVuko’s establishment is attributed to her continued engagement with varied stakeholders that led to envisioning a niche market in the “information revolution.”

Thabo Mothibi – Manager

Thabo Mothibi boasts over twenty years of journalistic, public sector and political communications and holds an equivalent of an Honours degree from Wits University’s Business School. Punting ICT solutions for public sector to ensure that government entrenches e-Government thus serving our citizenry better, crystalized itself in the success he has had in this area.